Build Story #1 - Doubloon

22nd June 2012

We have an exciting build story for you from the Isle of Wight today as another working week draws to a close. Two of our team members battled through the less than accommodating weather conditions and gale force winds to the small island, to see one of our most recently completed projects.

Greville Thomas, our Technical Director, tells about his trip to the island.

“We were recently invited to go back and once again visit Mike and Ros’ new home on the Isle of Wight, after previously visiting to view the progress of the project in the duration of the build. Mike and Ros had graciously opened their home to neighbors and all of those who were involved in the project to come and see the finished product.

The existing dwelling as was, now razed to the ground.

“I went over to the island on the car ferry with my family and after spending a fun-filled morning at the adventure park Black Gang Chine, we visited Mike and Ros in the afternoon. Mike came out to warmly greet us to his new home and immediately offered to show us around - he was keen to see what we thought of the finished house. Having prepared the detailed construction drawings and working intensely on the project, I was thrilled to see the build completed in its entirety. I was not disappointed with what I saw; the quality of the workmanship and finishing of the house has been carried out to a very high standard, showing off the beautiful, green Oak frame.

Mike and Ros' finished home.
The view from the driveway, showing Solar Photovoltaic Panels.
The under cover alfresco dining area, to the side of the house.
The stunning sling braces framing the upstairs lounge.
The impressive view from the upstairs lounge balcony.

“Dave Duggan our Build Director, who had offered a project consultancy service throughout the build, had visited Mike and Ros the day before.”

“We would like to thank Ros and Mike for giving us the opportunity to see their finished build and wish them all the best in their new home.”

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