"Moment To Shine"

18th July 2012

Darren Blackwell, our Design Director, spent a busy weekend at the Oakwrights’ Open Day in Baughurst in Hampshire, giving valuable design and planning advice.

Along with Oakwrights friends Dave and Ant, they met with not only existing clients but hopefully some potential ones to offer consultation services along with a much appreciated tea and coffee as a reprieve from the wet weather outside.

We would like to thank Jennifer, the owner, for her kind hospitality and also Darren’s daughter, Enya, for her excellent tea and coffee making skills.

Enya taking a break from all her appreciated hard work

The Olympic Torch visited the 1066 region this week!

We were lucky enough for the procession to run straight through Bexhill, where our office is located. Hundreds of people lined the streets to see the torch carried through the town and into Hastings for the grand finale – a festival on the Stade with street theatre and acrobatic performances topped off by a show by Brighton based band, Rizzle Kicks.

Rizzle Kicks got a grand reception at Hastings

We have also acquired a fantastic piece of artwork for our office! The large scale canvas arrived Monday morning and has been given pride of place on our wall.

Created by A-Level Student Zoe Grey, this piece’s energetic character is the perfect addition to our office décor after capturing Darren’s attention whilst staying with Zoe’s parents in Warwickshire. We would like to thank Zoe for allowing us to purchase her beautiful painting and wish her the very best in her University endeavours, towards which the proceeds from this painting will be contributed.

“Strobe” by Zoe Grey

“I have created strobe using acrylic paint and impasto gel, the inspiration behind my work is looking how light travels into the eye, and how things look when they are interpreted by a single person and how that might be different to the next person who sees it. I am currently studying for my A-level and this piece was a part of my AS coursework.”